Helios Towers Chief Executive Officer, Norman Moyo (L) addressing participants the official launching of Helios In Building Solution in Dar es Salaam at the weekend. With him are some of Helios Tanzania staff members. .

Helios Towers Chief Executive Officer, Norman Moyo (R) exchanging ideas with  OGM Consultancy Principal  Architect, Oswald Modu (L)  during the official launching of Helios In Building Solution in Dar es Salaam at the weekend. Lookingt on is AWD Ltd MD, Jamaal Awadh.

Some of invitees exchanging views during the launching event. 

            THE telecoms Infrastructure Company in Tanzania, Helios Towers has inaugurate the In-Building Solutions (IBS) to strength and magnifying telecommunication networking in Tanzania.

            Speaking during the launching of the operation in Kilimanjaro Hyatt Regency hotel in Dar es Salaam, yesterday the Chief Executive Officer of Helios Towers Norman Moyo said, this is new services in Tanzania that will ensure good and reliable telecoms networking in big and tall building in the country as well as strong telecoms road in the country.

       Moyo said the launching of In Building Solution it is the initiatives of corporates like Helios Towers which contribute largely in broadening the scope of the industry and enhancing basic communication services in the region.”

      He said they already know and realize the importance of telecommunications in spurning development in the country and Africa as a whole. It is therefore of due credence that Tanzania has seen significant growth and continues to progress in this sector with newer and more promising avenues opening up.

        “As the sector matures there is a clear mandate to improve on the breadth and quality of these services; namely voice and data services. Tanzania has seen wide proliferation of next generation technologies like 3G and 4G services,” said Mr Moyo.

        Helios chief added that much like the telecommunications sector, there has been significant investment in infrastructure particularly residential housing as well as commercial buildings and that Tanzania is at the early stages of a building boom, very often visitors remark at the number of cranes dotting the skyline as new high rise commercial and residential buildings are built.

“We are new in this business in Tanzania but we are very strategically in provision of well and high quality services in the industry, and we are sure that we are going to prove this in the market because we have enough budget, strong technical ability as well as experience” he added.

Mr Moyo said, it has been discovered that, the new buildings present new challenges to telecommunications services, particularly in service delivery within the buildings. The IBS service helps address this challenge whilst extending benefits to a number of stake holders.

Speaking about the benefit of IBS to mobile operators and ISPs, Mr Moyo said, the IBS platform is a bridge for you to reach its customers. “Fortunately the solution supports all the mobile technologies and all the operators so nobody is left out. I have been told that the average investment made by Helios Towers has been USD $100,000 per building,” added.

In his side the Helios Towers Deputy Director Network Operations Joseph Mgulo said, this new service in telecoms in Tanzania will bring great changes in telecoms competition market where all telecoms companies will be able to provide high quality services.

He added that the operation has been researched and approved that is in high quality in this industry and has got no any effects to consumers.


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