Image may contain: 1 person, smilingAs we are left with only few hours before the year comes to an end, 2016 has been a journey that I can’t even begin to explain ESP on this platform, but I promise you my dear readers you will eventually read this…(keeping the juicy insights for my upcoming book).

This year has taught me a lot, it has made me the the most courageous woman than I have ever thought I was. (Did I just say woman 😁)
I have learnt that most people use words as mere “words”.
Through my long untold journey I have discovered so many secrets that made me finally open up to the world and especially to women.
Seriously, 2016, has been (throughout its existence) the epitome of blerg.

The end of every year is supposed to come with peace, and reflection time, where we make resolutions that we never intend to keep and we congratulate ourselves on all of the good things we did last January and February before we gave up for the year.
So many things happend in 2016, new president, new laws and legislation in place, I only thought African countries were busy speaking about election problems until recently USA (the world power) began speaking of “election rigging” what a year huh?!?
And suddenly the world brewed all the bad things in a big blender that produced a margarita mix of racism, police brutality, beloved celebrity deaths, sexism, the refugee crisis, mass shootings and the Brexit…and threw it up all over to us.
It’s almost one day till we begin a new chapter in all dimensions of our lives.
But as awful as you were, 2016, here’s the good thing about you: you reminded me that there are still a lot of good people in the world too, no matter how awful things get. People like Malala Yousafzai and the good Tanzanians on twitter who are spending day and night fighting for freedom of speech. Great women like Rebecca Gyumi who strong handedly managed to walked into to court and fight against early marriage for young girls in Tanzania, where she courageously and eloquently used her words to shed light on the terrible injustices that 37% of girls in Tanzania are married before the age of 18. Through the horrible events and murders and violence you bestowed upon us this year, at least there emerged inspirational and admirable heroes. People who remind us why we still need to wake up every morning and climb out of our cmfort zones and keep living and keep fighting.
So, 2016, although I just want to smack you in the face over and over again while screaming “WHAT THE WHAT,” I also will remember that some good things happened during your existence. You made me more than anything, the most independent woman I could ever be. You made me see the true colors of life and what the people you introduce yourself to are capable of no matter how many times they promise to protect you, they will eventually turn and walk away when things get tougher. Reminding me of the saying we know our true friends during hard times.
2016, thank you, I finally found a sister and a family. As I was giving up on certain aspects of my life you reminded me that I can have a family, this is what you have been craving for Rahab, I am handing it over to you, hold it, treasure it and never measure it because those times of you feeling valueless are finally over. Wipe your tears sweet girl, 2016 whispered…..
So here you finally got me out of my shell, all those years of writing for me, I finally know my story can make an impact to young girls who are eagerly being awaited by this sweet and yet cruel world.
I finally know I can make an impact to many women entrepreneurs who are busy struggling to make end meets but don’t know how to go about it , through my motivational speaking and writing.
And here is my brief introduction “I’m the founder of the most popular website called home of bold women our aim is to provide advice and resources that teach passionate women how to become successful entrepreneurs. Check our website and don’t forget to subscribe for our weekly newsletter and be part of the bold women who will rock in 2017.
Goodbye 2016 I’m anticipating all that 2017 has to offer and expect to grow in leaps and bounds as we take this journey together.
Looking forward to the next 365 days!

Yours in heart
Rahab Mbise


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