RIITA VANSK from  Director general of Nokia mathematics project 

 Microsoft, in partnership with the Ministry of Communications, Science, Technology and TigoTanzania,have officially launched an innovative mobile education service called Nokia Mobile Mathematics. This service is now being managed by Microsoft, after the company acquired substantially all of Nokia’s devices and services business.

Nokia Mobile Mathematics is aservice that enables learners across Tanzania toaccess quality mathematics content in an engaging and interactive manner directly from their mobile phones, completely free.
The Guest of honour hon JOHN MNGONDO deputy permenent secretary minister of communication science and Technology speak during the lounching of that services

Mobile Mathematicsoffers over 9000exercises,mapped to high school level, and can be accessed by any person with a data and browser-enabled device. In addition to the exercises, thelearning service includes theories, sample question and answers, as well as social features like collaborative groups messaging and competitions. The key differentiator for the service is the ability for learners to compare their scores with peers, integrating an element of competitiveness into their learning.

“In many developing countries, the lack of engaging learning opportunities leadsto high drop outs and failure rates in schools, especially in high school grades.Mobile Mathematics offers high quality learning opportunities and reliable interactive learning features for teachers and learners, thus increasing access to high quality education,” says Lilian Nganda,East Africa Communications Manager, Mobile Devices, Microsoft.

Student from different schools Dar es salaam speak with the directot general of COSTECH dk HASSAN MSHINDA how to use the NOKIA MOBILE MATHEMATICS FOR TANZANIA.
The learning service is fully browser-based and works on any connected phone, tablet or PC without needing to download an app. After a quick sign-up process, learners can practice exercises in a number of categories like algebra, trigonometry, calculus and statistics mapped to the Tanzanian curriculum. Nokia Mobile Mathematics will also help the East Africancommunity standardise education levels, and open more job opportunities for region.

Mobile Mathematics was first launched in South Africa for grade 10 - 12 learners. The content has now been localised by the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) and will be rolled out in selectschools for form 1to 4 students, as well as other users nationwide.

 ‘’Learning and technology have become inextricably linked and co-dependent. Mobile technology in particular has been the most powerful catalyst of change, redefining the educational approach including content delivery. It is Tigo’s desire to contribute to improving education and knowledge transfer by enabling students all over the country to improve their maths for free, ’’ commented Tigo General Manager, Diego Gutierrez.  
Mobile Mathematics can be leveraged as a platform to deliver content forother subjects like physics, biology and languages. The service provides an opportunity for learners to extend their learning outside of the classroom in a fun and interactive manner.

Research data collected from South Africa indicates that learners’ competence levels improved by 14% compared to learners who were not using Mobile Mathematics. Additional statistics point out that 53% of students became more active users of the service, with 82% of the usage happening outside school hours.

The Mobile Mathematics service is available at https://momaths.nokia.com/tz


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