FAIDIKA, one of the fast growing financial entities in Tanzania, has unveiled the new loan scheme dubbed ‘Executive Loan’, a move aimed at embracing the financial inclusion culture in the country. Speaking during the press conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Faidika, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mbuso Dlamini, said the new Faidika loan scheme is in line with the entity’s brand promise of “improving life” which is the new solution to the entity’s customers.

 “Today marks an important milestone in the history of Faidika as we are unveiling a new proposition from Faidika which is in line with our brand promise of “Improving life”, which is our new solution to customers; the Executive Loan” said Mr. Dlamini. Mr. Dlamini said over Faidika’s ten years of existence, offering inclusive financial solutions to financially under-served individuals in a sector has been a key driver to achieving the entity’s strategic intent of building a leading inclusive finance organisation.

 “When it comes to financial inclusion, or inclusive finance as we prefer to term it at Faidika, we understand that financial services are constantly and rapidly evolving and it is no mean achievement to be able to continuously answer to the growing needs of our customers and bringing them a solution like the Executive loan which has been tailor made to suit them. We are proud to have claimed our rightful position. More importantly we have done so on the back of the strong values of delivering simple, appropriate and affordable financial solutions to over 45,000 Tanzanians across the country. 

 The Executive Loan is a competitive solution over the Tanzanian market with no collection fees or hidden fees,” he reiterated. The Executive loan is designed in response to customer’s needs for a solution that best suits customers. “We are confident about the value it will add as it has a 48hr turn-around time and instalments of up to 72 months with the maximum loan amount being 50 million Tanzanian Shillings; a first of its kind in Tanzania,” he noted. 

 Faidika has dedicated sales consultants who will service the clients at their convenience anywhere in the country as the entity has the largest number of access points across the country with over 110 branches. Further, Faidika understands that its Executive clients are naturally pressed for time, therefore the bank has retained dedicated consultants who will service clients at their convenience anywhere in the country, and there is no need for the clients to visit the bank’s offices. “This drives home our intention to provide our customers with access anytime, anywhere,” he concluded. FAIDIKA
FAIDIKA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mbuso Dlamini (left) stresses a point during the launch of new entity’s loan scheme called ‘Executive Loan’ which has been designed to embrace financial inclusion. Others are the entity’s sales team. Right is the entity’s Country Sales Manager, Elisha Tengeni.
FAIDIKA, Group photo


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